The Colombian Rogue by Matt Herrmann

The Colombian Rogue by Matt Herrmann (The Colombian Lie #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 406 KB

Former smuggler Juan Santiago needs to find his twin brother.
He’s been off the grid for too long.
And now he’s killed a civilian.

As it becomes apparent that undercover agent Paul Ramírez has gone rogue, Juan is perhaps the only one who can save him. He could enlist the help of Paul’s anti-drug task force—but there’s a problem. They think he is Paul. And who’s to say that Paul wants to be saved?

There is also the matter of Juan trying to save his crumbling smuggling operation as he walks a tight line among the good guys. However, he might have more on his plate than he can handle when he uncovers what his brother has been investigating, a possible threat to the entire world.

Meanwhile, Juan’s team is tasked with assisting local law enforcement with a high-profile case that could either strike a huge blow against organized crime in Cartagena or make the police force the laughing stock of the world.
With so much on the line, Juan will have to face friends and foes both new and old as he searches for his brother before the hunter becomes the hunted.

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