The Comeback by Mike Ryan

The Comeback by Mike Ryan (The Eliminator #6)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 206 KB

Franks finds himself in a bind and enlists the help of his friend, Brett Jacobs, to help alleviate the problem. Barberio’s Butchers, a small-time gang with big-time aspirations, is looking to put a hurting on the pawn shop owner. It’s up to Jacobs to make sure that doesn’t happen.
While that’s going on, Mallette finds himself with a new lawyer, one he didn’t ask for. This one, though, has better news for him than Alexander did. It seems that Mallette is on the comeback and retaking control of his operation. With that in mind, some of the holdovers from Alexander’s bunch are intent on impressing their new boss and put a hit out. Someone is taking a bullet. But who?

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