The Coming of the Prophet by Saxon Andrew (ePUB, AZW3)

The Coming of the Prophet by Saxon Andrew (The Death Prophecies, Book #1)
English | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | EPUB & AZW3 | 1 Mb

From International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew, comes a new series, The Death Prophecies. The first book is The Coming of the Prophet. A strange alien calling himself the Prophet has appeared in orbit above Earth and the planet’s most powerful weapons have proved useless against his ship’s defenses.
To make matters worse, the Prophet tells mankind that Earth will soon be invaded and destroyed if the nations don’t learn how to live in peace and start building to meet the coming enemy. Failure to change humanity’s warlike ways will lead to its destruction.
This Death Prophecy isn’t initially believed but when the Prophet starts sending a series of recordings of planets conquered by the Traugh, mankind is forced to reevaluate how to live together. The Death Prophecy appears to be real and inescapable. Humanity has never been able to live in peace and time is running out. Mankind turns to the only human the Prophet has declared sane but he refuses the role being forced on him. Will he make the difference? First, he has to believe he can.

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