The Cove by Gregg Dunnett

The Cove by Gregg Dunnett (The DCI Stone #1)
English | 2021 | Crime Thriller | 606 KB

When an eight-year-old girl is found murdered in beautiful Lulworth Cove, an eccentric but brilliant detective, Erica Stone, is quick to identify her killer. But before she can arrest him, a mistake sends the case careering off the rails.

And then the pandemic hits.

Six world-changing months later, and Christine Harvey has been widowed by the disease. She decides to build a new life for her children on the Dorset coast, buying a stunning clifftop property.

But no one tells her the house is right next door to where the murdered girl lived. And nobody warns her that the girl’s father – who still lives there – was very much a suspect in the case before it collapsed.

Christine tries to commit to her fresh start. But the increasingly unsettling behaviour of her new neighbour leads her to speculate on what really happened on that dark, winter night.

She soon realises her own children are in terrible danger, but with nowhere else to go, and the case officially closed, the only person who can help is the detective who blew up so spectacularly in the first place.

Together they must unmask a calculating and merciless killer, before he strikes again.

And if they fail, Christine’s daughter will be the next child lying dead in the cove.

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