The Crane War by Graeme Rodaughan

The Crane War by Graeme Rodaughan (The Metaframe War #5)
English | 2020 | Urban Fantasy | ePUB | 475 KB


The Order of Thoth is on the verge of destruction. Arthur Slayne has returned from exile. The foremost foe of the Vampire Dominion seeks the aid of the Mirovar force team.

The secret location of the Panopticon has been revealed within a Vampire Dominion fortress of terrifying defenses. Only someone bereft of sanity would attempt to infiltrate it, or a Slayne.

Anton Slayne and his friends must defeat the might of the Vampire Dominion, but will Anton’s grandfather prove to be his strongest ally, or a foe with a dark agenda more dangerous than Anton’s arch-nemesis, general Chloe Armitage?

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