The Cumal Files by James Keegan

The Cumal Files by James Keegan (Dan Porter #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 390 KB

Innocence lost. Legacies destroyed. A nation’s darkest secret revealed…

Forty teenage girls have disappeared from Sydney’s streets without a trace, feared abducted, and the whole city is on edge. Disgruntled investigator, Dan Porter, is one of the few cops who seems to care, and when a girl is brutally murdered, her killers dare him to hunt them down.

Porter is joined by Lionel Roberts, an Aboriginal human rights lawyer determined to expose government neglect, and they form the ‘Carinya’ investigation. A mysterious informant directs them to Crooked River, a hot and dusty outback town, and says clues from the past might solve crimes of the present. The Carinya team are given a hostile reception. Questions are answered with threats and blood is spilled. What are the locals, and powerful others, so desperate to hide?

When Carinya probes deeper into the town’s history, the crimes uncovered are more sinister than imagined. But to identify those responsible, and rescue the missing girls before more turn up dead, they must first recover historical documents that will reveal a nation’s darkest secret. Documents contained within, The Cumal Files.

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