The Dark Messiah by Michael Anderle (ePUB)

The Dark Messiah by Michael Anderle (The Second Dark Ages #1)
English | 2016 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 280 KB

During this absence from Earth…Well, bad things happen.

Approximately 150 years after Bethany Anne and the Etheric Empire have left to take the fight ‘out there’, Michael is back…And finds an Earth that isn’t the same as the one he left.
Michael, being who and what he is, needs to accomplish two things:
1) Complete his promise to come back to Bethany Anne
2) Fix the things that are going wrong on Earth that have Forsaken / Were involvement…
Justice is absent, Honor is short supply…Michael comes back like a storm.
While he finishes taking care of those who need a ‘come to Michael meeting’, he will also be figuring out how to leave Earth and find Bethany Anne among the stars – Remember – It is Honorable to Keep Ones Promises.

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