The Dogs of Detroit: Stories by Brad Felver

The Dogs of Detroit: Stories by Brad Felver
English | 2018 | General Fiction | ePUB | 963 KB

The 14 stories of The Dogs of Detroit each focus on grief and its many strange permutations. This grief alternately devolves into violence, silence, solitude, and utter isolation. In some cases, grief drives the stories as a strong, reactionary force, and yet in other stories, that grief evolves quietly over long stretches of time. Many of the stories also use grief as a prism to explore the beguiling bonds within families. The stories span a variety of geographies, both urban and rural, often considering collisions between the two.
Winner of the 2018 Drue Heinz Literature Prize for short fiction.

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Queen Elizabeth
Throwing Leather
Evolution of the Mule
The Era of Good Feelings
How to Throw a Punch
Unicorn Stew
Stones We Throw
In the Walls
Out of the Bronx
Country Lepers
Praemonitus, Praemunitus
The Dogs of Detroit

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