The Donor by J.J. Burgess

The Donor by J.J. Burgess
English | 2021 | Psychological Thriller | 316 KB

She’s carrying his child. But who is he really? Anna’s life is almost perfect. She has a great husband, a huge home, wonderful friends and a soaring career. There’s just one thing missing – a child.

Anna has always dreamed of being a mother, it’s what she wants more than anything else in the world. So when it becomes clear that she and her husband can’t conceive, the way forward is obvious – they will use a sperm donor.
They select the perfect candidate and Anna soon falls pregnant. She’s never been so happy. But then some disturbing information about their donor comes to light. And Anna begins to wonder about the father of the child she is carrying… Who is he really? She begins to dig for the truth and uncovers a secret more horrifying than her worst nightmare. Because even though she has what she always wanted, she realises she may have to pay a terrible price…

The Donor – the stunning psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, K L Slater, Miranda Rijks.

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