The Dragon War by Salvador Mercer

The Dragon War by Salvador Mercer (Claire-Agon Dragon #6)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 426 KB

A thousand years ago, on the world of Claire-Agon, a war raged between men and dragons.
After years of investigating the rumors and mysteries surrounding the existence of the great, chromatic dragons, Royal Historian Diamedes found himself failing in his primary objective of alerting the civilized realms of Claire-Agon to their danger.
With the wizards of Kesh unleashing global war in an effort to secure the highest artifact of power known in history, Diamedes must race against the clock and rally the world in order to face humankind’s true nemesis. Enlisting the aid of rulers and rogues, the royal historian undertakes his last quest in an effort to preserve their planet, people and way of life.
Diamedes soon discovers that, in the world of Claire-Agon, when dealing with Dragons, sometimes history can be rewritten.

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