The Dream Drinker by JT Lawrence,‎ MJ Kraus

The Dream Drinker by JT Lawrence,‎ MJ Kraus (Blood Magic #2)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 245 KB

Why would a butler gatecrash a wizard funeral?
It sounds like the first line of a joke, but what Jax sees when she gets to Abarim Manor is as serious as a heart attack.
The butler’s employer, old wizard Blimaex Abarim, is being slowly tortured to death by contagious black magic, and she needs to stop the person responsible.
Jax’s sleuthing will lead her into jeopardy at every turn as she has to navigate the shifting terrain of the Realm, including dealing with treacherous orcs, magical apothecary coffin-dodgers, dark arts night markets, and the ever present evil in human hearts.
Add to the mix a rosé-swilling ghost in a gimp suit who refuses to leave the wizard detective alone, and Jax has more on her plate than a buffet dinner at The Copper Cog, Ferra’s steampunk pub for magical creatures.
To find and stop The Dream Drinker Jax will traverse the darkest, most dangerous parts of the Realm…
and just when she thinks it couldn’t possibly get any worse, the bloodthirsty vampires show up, and they want revenge.

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