The Eater of Dreams by Kat Cameron

The Eater of Dreams by Kat Cameron
English | 2019 | General Fiction | ePUB | 1.6 MB

The past haunts the characters in The Eater of Dreams. In fifteen interconnected stories, Kat Cameron’s vivid characters — teachers, singers, writers, and misfits — examine the inner fractures in their lives. A woman muses about her miscarried child while watching a friend’s daughter play; an opera singer in Edmonton is stalked by an abusive ex-lover; a student’s story of bullying reminds a woman of her own childhood traumas; a woman cuts out the heart of a faithless man; the ghost of Lafcadio Hearn haunts the bedroom of a grieving teacher in Japan.

Spirit Houses
Whyte Noise
Dancing the Requiem
How You Look At Things
Searching for Spock
The Apostles
Cutting Edge
Truth or Fiction
The Heart Is a Red Apple
Zoonis County
Variations On a Theme
The Eater of Dreams

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