The Eighth King by Matt Weber

The Eighth King by Matt Weber
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2 MB

The Eight Weapon Hand. The Four Conflagration Touch. The Diamond Word. The Silken Palace Palm. The Crane’s Migration Step. The Infinitesimal Breath. The Eye of Ten Thousand Apprehensions. The Reflecting Pool Mind.
Eight generations ago, the Priestkiller Worm threatened to ravage all of Ua, but a hero named Tenshing subdued it. But soon the Worm will rise again. Only a master of all the Rigors Martial can stop it; and only a rightful king of Ua can master all eight Rigors.
King Tenshing Astama has mastered seven.
But a pretender to the Orchid Throne has gathered an army on Tenshing’s doorstep—and the claim he brings may be good. Now Tenshing must plunge into the labyrinth of his own ancestry and choose wisely whether to defend his own claim… for if he makes the wrong choice, the realm will bleed.
Meanwhile, a country vintner’s daughter named Datang has come to the capital, seeking glory in a troubled time. She swiftly stumbles on a mystery that will lead her and her brothers-in-arms to the pretender’s homeland on a search for truth. What they find will shake the struggle for the throne. But can they ensure that the right man will face the Priestkiller Worm?
The omens of the Worm’s return have begun. For Tenshing and Datang alike, time is running out…

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