The Empire of the Dead by Phil Tucker (ePUB)

The Empire of the Dead by Phil Tucker (The Godsblood Trilogy Book 1)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | 424 KB

It has been two decades since the daughter of the death goddess enacted her cruel betrayal. Two decades since the other nine gods were slain, their semi-divine progeny murdered, and the disparate peoples of the Riverland forced to bend knee to their new empress and her armies of the dead.
But when bandits kidnap a youth at the edges of the empire, two aged and broken heroes emerge from obscurity to attempt an unlikely rescue. Neither man relishes confronting the forces of their dread empress, but when they learn that their quarry is being held for sacrifice in the imperial city of Rekkidu, they reluctantly begin gathering a crew of uniquely talented criminals to attempt an impossible rescue.
A rescue whose failure could have shattering consequences. For they are Jarek and Acharsis, the last of the demigods, long thought dead and whose return could shake the very foundations of the empire.
Unpredictable, fast paced, and packed with memorable characters, The Empire of the Dead is a gripping tale of revenge replete with demons, ancient magic and a high stakes heist

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