The Empty House by Ruskin Bond

The Empty House by Ruskin Bond
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 168 KB

“He started in speechless amazement – amazement that was dangerously near to horror. It was his aunt’s face indeed, but it was her face of forty years ago, the vacant, innocent face of a girl. He had heard stories of that strange effect of terror…but he had never realized that it could be literally true, or could mean anything so simply horrible…”

From “The Empty House” by Algernon Blackwood.
Strange creatures and supernatural elements abound in this collection of stories. Exploring an empty house with dreadful secrets; an eccentric children’s ayah; vengeful spirit animals; a bunch of anxious children in a stark landscape – these are some of the hair-raising stories about the supernatural in this collection. Selected and compiled by Ruskin Bond, The Empty House features stories by Rudyard Kipling, Algernon Blackwood, R.L. Stevenson and Alice Perrin, among others.

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