The Empty Place at the Table by John Ellsworth, Jode Jurgensen (ePUB, MOBI)

The Empty Place at the Table by John Ellsworth, Jode Jurgensen
English | 2017 | Psychological Thriller | 1.7 MB

It was just a quick sandwich in the hospital cafeteria… But when she returned to her daughter’s room… Whatever happened to Melissa’s daughter is anyone’s guess. The police seal the hospital doors; a search proceeds but the four-year-old is nowhere to be found
The girl is gone, vanished without a ransom note, without a body being found, without a trace. The detectives believe she has most likely been sold into human trafficking. No matter, Melissa is determined. She is also very, very bright, a woman who refuses to give up, a woman who knows what motherhood means. She journeys to Mexico in search of her missing child. She confronts the Tijuana Cartel. Do they have her daughter? Twelve years have passed by and she no longer has any idea what the little girl even looks like.
Then…two unmistakable eyes peer out at her from a passing van. But was it Melissa’s daughter? Watch one desperate woman and one lost child try to reach across time and connect. A story to please you to the very end.
A psychological thriller you’ll want to read in one sitting…

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