The Evil That Men Do by Steve Rollins (ePUB)

The Evil That Men Do by Steve Rollins
English | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB | 121 Kb

Bail jumpers. Car repos. Murder. And worse.
In THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, sisters Roberta, Riley, and Ricki Vaughan have just one month to raise enough money to save their business from financial ruin. They get into dustups with thugs in their regular duties of finding and recovering bail jumpers and repossessing cars—but even this doesn’t pay enough to keep their business afloat.
When a widow, Madeline Frome, hires the streetwise Vaughan sisters of R3 Recovery Bail Bonds to find and recover a stolen diamond that’s worth millions, that recovery fee could save their livelihood. However, their new client refuses to call the police, so the sisters have to keep this case on the down low. And when the prime suspect turns up dead, things really start to heat up in the Deep South.
When an unexpected event threatens more than the recovery of the one-of-a-kind gem, all hell breaks loose on the meaner streets of Savannah, Georgia, as the sisters tear up the city looking for something far more precious than a diamond.
Now, there’s more than money at stake. Much more…
Can the Vaughan sisters work together to cover each other’s backs and save their business—without getting each other killed?

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