The Far Shore by Glenn Damato

The Far Shore by Glenn Damato
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 400 KB

An oppressive society. A covert colonization plan. Can her space flight preserve humanity’s free spirit?
2065. Cristina isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But in a totalitarian surveillance state where privacy is a thing of the past, her critical thinking and outspoken nature have branded her a troublemaker. So when a rebel group of scientists recruit the math genius for a secret trip to start anew on Mars, she’s eager to join and make her escape.
Alongside the small band of like-minded renegades, Cristina struggles to overcome shoddy equipment and engineering emergencies. And she fears their greatest threat could be the charismatic-but-uninformed crewmate determined to command the mission to its last dying breath…
Can Cristina’s brilliant brain keep their dream alive, or will humankind’s last hope for freedom be lost in the void?

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