The Fearless Eye by Aizen Malki

The Fearless Eye by Aizen Malki
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 280 KB

The world is ending. Samuel Kaine and his brother anxiously await their demise. There’s only one way out. A machine that scans the mind of its user, and beams them to a place aligned with the nature of their consciousness. After clearing his mind, Samuel goes through, only to find himself on an unfamiliar planet. He’s shocked to discover that the human-like inhabitants are emotionless and can only communicate telepathically.

Through a perilous first encounter, the being feels Samuel’s fear; which causes the newfound emotion to infect its blank-slated mind. The fear of powerlessness and lack of control overwhelms it, warping the being’s motivations.
Samuel has created a monster, and fear is spreading like a virus. Can he undo what he’s done? Or will he be stuck on a hostile planet with tyrannical rule?

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