The Feast of All Souls by Simon Bestwick (ePUB, MOBI)

The Feast of All Souls by Simon Bestwick
English | 2016 | Horror & Fantasy | 1.5 MB

Alice has returned to her old home town to put her life back in order. 378 Collarmill Road looks like an ordinary house. But sometimes, the world outside the windows isn’t the one you expect to see; sometimes you’ll turn around and find you’re not alone.
An old flame of Alice’s—John Revell—reluctantly comes to her aid when the house begins to reveal its secrets. The hill on which it sits is a place of legends—of Old Harry, the Beast of Crawbeck; of the Virgin of the Height and the mysterious Red Man—and home to the secrets of the shadowy Arodias Thorne.
Thorne’s influence seeps up through the ground, infiltrating Alice’s new home, and only she and John stand between Arodias and the rest of our world.

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