The Fighter by Robert White

The Fighter by Robert White (A Rick Fuller Thriller #6)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 230 KB

On a boat somewhere off the coast of Ireland, Rick Fuller is in chains. This is not his only problem. Also aboard the vessel, are three hundred stolen AK47’s, three hundred thousand Euros and a coffin full of pure uncut cocaine. To add to his difficulties, he is guarded by several Yunfakh members who are determined to deliver him into the hands of his arch enemy, Abdallah Al- Mufti, a terrorist who would gleefully like to nail Fuller to the nearest tree.

Meanwhile, on dry land, a senior CIA operative is equally resolute. Marvin Varese’s orders are to prevent the delivery of the ship’s cargo at any cost. He intends to blow the boat out of the water and send Fuller to his death.
However, Des Cogan, Lauren North and Victoria Sellers, have other ideas.

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