The Forbidden Tomb by Chris Kuzneski (ePUB, MOBI)

The Forbidden Tomb by Chris Kuzneski (Hunters #2)
English | Mystery & Thriller | EPUB, MOBI | 1,4 Mb

Financed by a billionaire philanthropist, The Hunters – an ex-soldier, an historian, a computer whiz, a weapons expert, and a thief – have become an elite team of adventurers. Their mission? To find history’s legendary lost treasures.
For over two thousand years, the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great – and the riches concealed within – has evaded discovery. Now, after centuries of searching, an ancient map has come to light that could hold the key to finding the fabled vault. Only one team has the skill and the expertise to solve the mystery once and for all.
It’s up to The Hunters to find the tomb. But on arriving in Alexandria, it quickly becomes clear that hostile forces are on their trail. And when one of the team is captured in cisterns deep below the city, what began as a treasure hunt becomes a deadly rescue mission.
For there are some who will use any means possible to destroy The Hunters’ efforts, and now there is more at stake than they ever could have imagined.

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