The Ghost Ships of Arizona by David Leadbeater (ePUB)

The Ghost Ships of Arizona by David Leadbeater (Matt Drake #11)
English | Mystery/Thriller | EPUB | 394 Kb

fabulous journey to find the fabled ghost ship of the desert. A breakneck chase to prevent cutting edge technology from plunging America’s west coast into a catastrophic darkness. A fully-fledged battle and Alicia Myles’ devastating breakdown amid the worst storm of the decade. Matt Drake and his SPEAR team cast off the technology and go old-school in their quest to find a lost pirate galleon believed to contain a vast treasure hoard and attempt to stop West Coast electrical substations from assault by organised enemy forces. As time runs out, as lights go dim and the storms gather, it will take the best team in the business, the deepest loyalty and the greatest trust, to make it through the darkest night

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  1. Wowwwww!! A million thanks for all these great books, l’m just so thrilled.xoxoxoxoxo

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