The Glow by Aubrey Hadley

The Glow by Aubrey Hadley
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | eBook | 700 KB

A futuristic alien world, supernatural abilities, an ancient conspiracy, and the power of love and friendship; a teenage girl’s life changes when she is abducted from home and becomes the human race’s last hope to survive a deadly illness.

Harper just wants to be a normal seventeen-year-old girl, playing soccer with her friends and going to school, not understanding why her mom keeps her inside, locked away from the outside world. But once Harper stumbles upon a mysterious glowing figure in the Nevada desert, a chain-of-events is triggered that will change her life forever.

As the world experiences a deadly pandemic, Harper is taken far from home, held captive in the Base of Ki: a massive dome with a sheening white city and fantastic technology … controlled by beings from another solar system. Was this why her mom was so keen to protect her?

Now she must form alliances — and fast — if she has any hope of returning to Earth. Harper’s about to learn who she can rely on and who her real friends are, embarking on a journey that will expose her to dangers she doesn’t yet understand . . .

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