The Good Immigrant by Nikesh Shukla (ePUB)

The Good Immigrant by Nikesh Shukla (Editor)
English | 2016 | Non-fiction, Essays | 3.5 MB

How does it feel to be constantly regarded as a potential threat, strip-searched at every airport?
Or be told that, as an actress, the part you’re most fitted to play is ‘wife of a terrorist’? How does it feel to have words from your native language misused, misappropriated and used aggressively towards you? How does it feel to hear a child of colour say in a classroom that stories can only be about white people? How does it feel to go ‘home’ to India when your home is really London? What is it like to feel you always have to be an ambassador for your race? How does it feel to always tick ‘Other’?
Bringing together 21 exciting black, Asian and minority ethnic voices emerging in Britain today, The Good Immigrant explores why immigrants come to the UK, why they stay and what it means to be ‘other’ in a country that doesn’t seem to want you, doesn’t truly accept you—however many generations you’ve been here—but still needs you for its diversity…

Namaste by Nikesh Shukla
A guide to being black by Varaidzo
Yellow by Vera Chok
Kendo Nagasaki and me by Daniel York Loh
Window of opportunity by Himes Patel
Is Nish Kumar a confused Muslim? by Nish Kumar
Forming blackness through a screen by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Beyond ‘good’ immigrants by Wei Ming Kam
‘You can’t say that! Stories have to be about white people’ by Darren Chetty
On going home by Kieran Yates
Flags by Coco Khan
Cutting through (on black barbershops and masculinity) by Inua Ellams
Wearing where you’re at: immigration and UK fashion by Sabrina Mahfouz
Airports and auditions by Riz Ahmed
Perpetuating casteism by Sarah Sahim
Shade by Salena Godden
The wife of a terrorist by Miss L
What we talk about when we talk about tokenism by Bim Adewunmi
Death is a many-headed monster by Vinay Patel
The ungrateful country by Musa Okwonga

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