The Green Crossing by Diana Lee

The Green Crossing by Diana Lee
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 306 KB

A dangerous, long-buried secret resurfaces in a dusty Texas attic—plunging a young woman into her grandfather’s past and a desperate search for the truth.

Bestselling author JD Hawkins is adored by readers around the world. His granddaughter, Meliz Lin, is his biggest fan. After his sudden death, Meliz finds her grandfather’s World War II journal in the sweltering attic of his West Texas ranch house. Missing pages and a distraught, cryptic entry hint at a traumatic event that haunted JD his entire life.

Struggling with grief and anxiety, Meliz is determined to solve the mystery of the missing pages. JD’s story comes to life as she retraces his wartime steps to the battle-scarred beaches of the Philippines and Okinawa. But each new clue casts her beloved grandfather’s character in doubt and challenges her resolve.
As Meliz closes in on the truth, she is threatened by an unseen adversary. Someone will do anything to keep her grandfather’s secret buried in the past. With more at stake than JD’s reputation, Meliz must confront a terrible injustice and find the courage to do what her grandfather could not.

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