The Gryphon’s Shadow by Matt Nieland

The Gryphon’s Shadow by Matt Nieland
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 858 KB

U.S Marine turned covert operative Allen Schmidt finds top secret German documents that reveal the allies’ worst nightmare: the Nazis are building atomic bombs.
The Gryphon’s Shadow is a military thriller that takes the reader from the deserts of North Africa to the fields of France, from the rocky coastline of Albania to the snowy slopes of Austria in an action-packed adventure as Schmidt struggles to stop the Nazi bomb.
To unravel the mystery of the German bomb program and the sadistic SS officer who protects it, Schmidt will need the help of his OSS team and his new found love, British agent Anne Walker.

But things go wrong and Schmidt realizes someone compromised his mission. As a spy investigation ensures, Schmidt realizes it is someone on the inside, someone close to him.
Schmidt learns that the Germans completed the bomb and his team has only 24 hours to infiltrate into enemy territory, sneak into an underground Nazi laboratory and destroy the bombs in a heart-pounding race against time before Hitler drops an atomic bomb on London. Deep in the heart of the Nazi lab, Schmidt comes face to face with something he didn’t expect.

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