The Harmony Divide: Never Alone by Dominick Gerard

The Harmony Divide: Never Alone by Dominick Gerard
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.8 MB

Memory is a powerful thing: a tool to learn from, a testimony to cling to, a secret to bury. In the face of great trauma, the mind can remove memories, or hide them so thoroughly that they cannot be accessed again.
When Christine wakes to find herself alone in a seemingly lifeless facility, she finds that her own memories are gone, and quickly comes to understand that she herself is the one who hid them. The details of who she is and how she got there are a far distant haze that she cannot decipher. What she does know is that buried within her painful memories is the key to a vault inside this facility. The facility soon turns anything, but lifeless as newfound pursuers appear that will stop at nothing to retrieve that information.
She’s feels alone… then suddenly, Christine finds herself not entirely without help—and hope. There’s a voice in her head that urges her to be strong and to remember things she assumed were lost. The voice belongs to another woman, Jenn, who needs Christine’s help to recall the past and save their chance at redemption. Danger is close at hand, and a catastrophe might yet be prevented if Christine can only unlock her hidden memories.
Each time Christine blacks out, Jenn’s voice guides her through vivid dreams – dreams which are actually Jenn’s own memories and past experiences of happiness, love, and anguish. Jenn must show Christine the way to heal her troubled mind and move forward. If these two women can work together to accept their past and recall the key to the vault, they may yet stand a chance at changing their future while righting a long past wrong before it’s too late.

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