The Harrowing of Twilight by JM Guillen

The Harrowing of Twilight by JM Guillen (Echoes of the Untold Age #2)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 350 KB

History winds toward an inevitable end. Strangers wield cold iron. A lost world hides within eldritch darkness.
Beneath a silvered moon and through a twilight grove, Tommy Maple is on the run.

Bestial, naked, and filled with forgetting, the feral hunt has fallen upon him. As autumn again falls across the land, hawk and owl ghost behind. His people faded, his world waning, Tommy seeks only to lose himself.
Yet this is not to be.
Soon Tommy is snared, caught by a nameless stranger. She reveals to him secrets he had once thought lost, a people hidden in the very shadows behind the world. She burns with mortal-born glamour, a power Tommy has not seen in centuries. Entranced by the story she tells, he agrees to a terrible journey. He shall follow her into the Twilight, a land of shadows and ever-winter.

Here, he finds darkness dire.
As savage and slavering miscreations hunt them from the darkness, Tommy is forced to face the terrible ramifications of his own life. He soon finds himself in a web of a bent and broken history, a sundered story that stretches back over a thousand years.
He finds himself captured by his own choices.
Here, the Herald of Autumn faces a Telling which changes everything.

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