The Hawk and the Raven by Stacey Dighton

The Hawk and the Raven by Stacey Dighton
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 420 KB

Luke Raven, a suspended Detective Inspector, is working a private missing persons case when he stumbles upon the mystery of five unsolved murders on Westhampton Beach. Raven, however, is different – he has clairvoyant abilities that even he doesn’t fully understand.

Molly Staker, the daughter of the head of a surreptitious organisation known as the Legion, is slowly descending into her own dark and twisted obsession, and those close to her are left to suffer the fatal consequences.

Raven’s pursuit of the Hawk leads him into a dramatic confrontation with a demon he has faced once before and a desperate battle for his son and his own sanity.

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