The Heartstone Thief by Pippa DaCosta

The Heartstone Thief by Pippa DaCosta (Dragon Eye Chronicles #1)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | EPUB, MOBI | 2 MB

Curtis Vance went looking for death but death found him, in the form of an insane and alluring sorceress. She speaks of magic and lost cities, as though those things exist. But Vance is no fool. He’ll use the sorceress to find her mythical gem and sell it to the highest bidder. All he has to do is survive her… 
He didn’t expect the sorceress’s stories of magic and monsters to be true. 
He didn’t expect to fall for her in ways that terrify him. 
But most of all, he didn’t expect to find himself trapped between the devastating power of a forgotten relic and his duty to save a people who would see him burned alive for his crimes. 
Curtis Vance went looking for death, but she found him. And she has no intention of letting him go.

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