The Helicon Muses Omnibus by V. J. Chambers (ePUB, MOBI)

The Helicon Muses Omnibus by V. J. Chambers (1-4)
English | 2016 | Fantasy | 2.4 MB

Nora Sparrow believes Owen Asher wants to protect her. She believes that he keeps trying to get them back to Helicon—her home, the whimsical, bohemian land of the muses—because he cares about her. But then he succeeds, and they are flung back into Helicon, where she is expected to do nothing but create and inspire. Except Owen never did mean to protect her. Instead, he only wants to control her, to possess her. He sees it as love, but he is twisted and broken in a way she never realized. He wants to control Helicon too. He has used her to gain entry, and now he will take over her homeland and use it for his own selfish gains. For Owen, everything is expendable. People are pawns to be used and thrown away. There are only two things he cares about.
Helicon. And Nora.

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