The Honor of Deceit by Audrey Sharpe

The Honor of Deceit by Audrey Sharpe
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 596 KB

Captain Aurora Hawke is trapped in a web of lies, but none of them are hers.
At least, not yet. As the list of people who’ve betrayed her grows, even the crew of the Starhawke becomes tainted, leaving her without a refuge.

Grabbing an opportunity to jump ship, she joins Cade Ellis on a twisted trail to locate Admiral Schreiber, the man who holds the key to her past…and her future. But to uncover the answers she seeks, she’ll have to trade her freedom for servitude at the hands of a monster.
If you enjoy action-packed space adventures in the style of Star Trek and Firefly, with memorable characters and surprising twists, you’ll love THE HONOR OF DECEIT.

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