The Horologist by Miles McCarthy

The Horologist by Miles McCarthy
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 968 KB

Shortly after Oliver leaves home in search of his destiny, life morphs into a volatile adventure full of characters he never would have imagined. Though his journey brings its natural ebbs and flows, nothing compares to the dark illusion that haunts Oliver wherever he goes. The Horologist is a provoking and inspiring tale with something to teach us all.
“An excursion packed with imagery, learning, and risk. Above all, McCarthy’s book reminds us that life never stops teaching. The superb storytelling will captivate seasoned and budding readers alike.” – Lisa Maher, contributor to The Austin American Statesman
“Highly entertaining! You’ll love this immersive novel, it’s a riveting read!” – Brilliant Liu, creator of @House.of.Leaders (800k+ followers on Instagram)
“McCarthy is a promising young writer with a proverbial old soul as he takes readers on a thought-provoking journey like that of a wise sage. It’s a tantalizing must-read for all ages.” – Kimberly Key, expert at Psychology Today and author of Ten Keys to Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle
“Ancient wisdom from a young voice… this story is destined for the ‘classics’ list!” – Mary Brooke Casad, author of Bluebonnet of the Texas Hill Country, and other children’s books; co-author of The Basics bible studies.

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