The Hunt by Michael Sigurdsson (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

The Hunt by Michael Sigurdsson (Mike Greystone #1)
English | Mystery & Thriller | EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 | 1 Mb

It was a completely normal day, like any other day. Parents were dropping their kids off at school and chatting with the parents of other children in the parking lot. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Suddenly, it was as if all hell had broken loose. Terrified people were running all over the place. There was thick black smoke hovering over the school building, St. Brigid School, which was located in the affluent suburbs of Pittsburgh. Children and parents were cowering for shelter in the school parking lot. The rhythmic sound of an automatic gun could be heard. Rounds of ammunition were punching into the bodywork of the cars in the car park, smashing windscreens, lacerating passengers, children, and adults alike. Those in the cars were actually better off than those outside, who had no protection whatsoever. Mayhem.
Mike Greystone, a freelance private investigator, was contracted by the Research & Execution agency, a clandestine joint venture of the major national security agencies, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and the HS, to capture the killer, dead or alive. Mike Greystone didn’t mind the description ‘investigator,’ but he sometimes called himself a ‘fixer’. He was fixing other people’s problems, which could include private investigations in some shape or form, but was not limited to PI work. His customer base was not large, but included a broad variety clients, the most prominent being the Research & Execution agency, but also private clients who could afford his services. And these were not cheap.
Mike Greystone and his team of operatives and computer geeks undertook the task of tracking down the St. Brigid School shooter. The trail was still warm, but the mad perpetrator was not an easy prey. In fact, he was very dangerous. In fact, he was clever and sophisticated. The predator was not the only hunter. The prey had teeth and claws. The prey was fighting back.

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