The Ice Curtain by Robin White (ePUB)

The Ice Curtain by Robin White
English | Thriller | EPUB | 1.2 Mb


"The Iron Curtain is down, and Russia has become a smuggler’s paradise. Hidden behind a curtain of ice in Siberia’s far north is the richest diamond mine on earth, a motherlode of treasure so vast it could break the back of the world’s oldest and wealthiest cartel. A cartel that will buy the enemies it can … and eliminate the ones it cannot." "Against this turbulent backdrop, Gregori Nowek searches for the truth behind the murder of his best friend – shot in cold blood on a dark Moscow street. In a violent land where a twenty dollar bill can buy or end a life, half a billion dollars in rough diamonds have vanished, lost between Siberia’s mines and Moscow’s vaults.

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