The India Spy by J.S. Monroe

The India Spy by J.S. Monroe
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.8 MB

A young British Asian doctor is posted to Delhi with MI6, tasked with uncovering a brutal organisation working at the heart of colonial government. A fast-paced thriller from the internationally bestselling author of FIND ME.

Raj Nair, a young British Asian doctor, is posted to Delhi. It’s his first time in India, his first job with MI6 and not every one is pleased to see him. Ambitious and patriotic, he is soon forced to question his own loyalties, particularly when his father is arrested in Britain on spying charges. Raj realises he is up against a secretive, colonial organisation working at the very heart of Whitehall: the Cardamom Club. Is it responsible for a chilling sati and other brutalities at odds with a modern, progressive India? Can his father really be a traitor? And will Raj expose the Club before it destroys him?

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