The Inexplicable Journey by Jeffrey Quyle

The Inexplicable Journey by Jeffrey Quyle
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 338 KB

Kendel was spending summer vacation in Los Angeles, with a bit part in a major studio movie. It sounded like a dream come true for a small-town boy, especially when the movie also featured Flora Greene, the pretty, vivacious rising movie star expected to carry the movie to success.Unexpectedly, a problem with the new technology of the movie’s production led to a surprising chance for Kendel to meet Flora in person.

And then the problem led to an extraordinary cataclysm that hurled both Kendel and Flora into the fictional fantasy world of the movie script.Together, and initially unsure of one another, Flora and Kendel try to comprehend what has happened to them, and then they seek to resolve the problem and find a way to return to their own world.

A goddess from the fantasy world unexpectedly intercedes to name them as her champions in a prophesied cataclysmic war between good and evil that the goddess expects to be unleashed upon the citizens of her world.All of which leaves Kendel and Flora facing challenges in multiple dimensions as they try to learn to work with one another, find their way back to their own world, and handle the challenges of traveling through a medieval society with norms that put them in challenging and uncomfortable circumstances as they make their inexplicable journey.

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