The Inheritors by Hannelore Cayre

The Inheritors by Hannelore Cayre
English | 2020 | Contemporary Fiction | ePUB | 1.2 MB

Hannelore Cayre is back with ‘The Inheritors’ after the huge success of her first novel ‘The Godmother’.

She had been dead now for four days and I had become rich.
Unimaginably rich.
Blanche de Rigny has always considered herself the black sheep of the family.
And a black sheep on crutches at that.
But it turns out her family tree has branches she didn’t even know existed.
And many of them are rotten to the core.
As Blanche learns more about the legacy left by her wealthy Parisian ancestors, she decides a little family tree pruning might be in order.

But great wealth also brings great responsibility – a form of richesse oblige, perhaps – and Blanche has a plan to use her inheritance to cure the world of its ills.
Spanning two centuries, from Paris on the eve of the Franco-Prussian War to the modern day, this unforgettable family saga lays bare the persistent and poisonous injustice of inequality.
In her trademark razor-sharp style, Hannelore Cayre again delivers the sardonic humour and devilish creativity that made The Godmother an international bestseller.

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