The Initiate by Holly Lujah

The Initiate by Holly Lujah
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 177 KB

Biffy Snows is new in Sunnyvale.
And she’s chosen.
Chosen by the mother superior of Sunnyvale’s fighting nun academy to be their first initiate in one-hundred and twenty-six days.
The last six didn’t make it.

With seven tasks to complete to prove she can handle the ever present threat of vampires which don’t sparkle, werewolves that keep their shirts on and neighbour Gladys’s giant tomatoes, Biffy will be pushed to her limits.
Can she survive and impress the gaggle of nuns?

Can she learn to keep evil at bay while wearing a habit?
One thing is for sure, butt’s will be liberally kicked in good measure.

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