The Invader Candidate by Don Edward Cook

The Invader Candidate by Don Edward Cook
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 623 KB

Telepathic scientist Captain Khraa-Veh battles the evil Mephistula—interplanetary conqueror and daughter of the dark lord Lucifraeon—and her robot forces on the planet Rubiaar IV. Although Khraa defeats the invaders, Mephistula escapes into outer space after brutally killing Khraa’s commander-husband, children, and colleagues. Heartbroken and seeking justice, Khraa latches onto the enemy’s spacecraft during her escape and finds herself orbiting Earth.
Before Khraa can capture her, Mephistula creates a time vortex and vanishes into the past. Khraa, stranded in the present and unable to contact her home star league of Kannatika, lands in the woods of Minnesota. There she encounters wounded and dying Astra Downey, a Canadian-American conservative journalist. Reluctantly, Khraa assumes Astra’s DNA and identity to integrate into what seems to be—according to the Internet—a savage society.
In the process, Khraa learns of zealous, domineering politician Mallory Ignacia Stanton, whose divisive tactics and motives to win the White House eerily resemble Mephistula’s radical mandate. Aided by FBI agent Mike Bonhoeffer, Khraa uses her telepathic abilities and superior knowledge of religious scripture to find a link between Stanton and the dark conqueror. If Khraa’s suspicions are correct, humankind’s righteous faith and Earth’s freedom could face everlasting annihilation.

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