The Killer of Oz by Chelsea Field

The Killer of Oz by Chelsea Field (Eat, Pray, Die #6)
English | 2019 | Cozy Mystery | ePUB | 512 KB

Izzy, her boyfriend, and her holiday-crashing neighbor, Etta, are off to the driest, flattest, and most infertile inhabited continent on earth–where even the cutest of creatures might try to kill you.
But that’s only the beginning of their problems…
A Taste Society courier goes missing.

And twenty-six hours after Izzy lands in Australia, a crocodile is found dead. With a human corpse inside.
Not quite the start to her relaxing holiday she’d been hoping for.
Etta, on the other hand, is ecstatic. Relaxing was never part of her itinerary.

Meanwhile, Izzy’s boyfriend, Connor, is developing a new sympathy for fish out of water. Between trying to win over Izzy’s country-folk parents, preventing Etta from shooting anything, and being enlisted to smuggle a goat into a posh hotel, his day job hunting down criminals has never seemed more appealing.
Then a series of accidents threatens to add Izzy to the body count. Is Australia really that dangerous? Or does someone want Izzy to swim with the crocodiles?

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