The Knight Advocate by Jason Rose

The Knight Advocate by Jason Rose
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 453 KB

“If a miracle happens and I somehow manage to kill this vampire psychopath, my prize is the chance to save a girl, and become one of twenty-four Advocates who decide and enforce the laws that govern the millions of monsters that roam the earth eating babies for breakfast. I imagine they’re not going to be too happy about having a human as a member of their club. Screw my life. How do I get myself into these things?”
As a San Francisco Public Defender, Colt Valentine thinks he’s seen it all, heard it all, and knows it all. So, when a well-dressed man claiming to be a sixteen-hundred-year-old Vampire suddenly appears, offering Colt a job at a private law firm and claiming things that go bump in the night like Vampires, Witches and Weres, are not only living among us, but live under their own legal system, Colt is skeptical. That is, until he sees a video of a human family being savagely murdered by something Colt never imagined existed, not even in his darkest nightmares.
“Just another routine day at the office, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary—other than the fact that, the judge has a giant scorpion tail, the defense attorney’s a vampire, and the defendant’s a werespider who would very much like to rip my head off and drink me dry.”
Colt is a great trial lawyer, trained by the best, but even he begins to doubt himself as he is immersed in this dark world of magic, monsters, and murder. Colt tries to balance his old life and his new life, while struggling to obtain justice under a set of arcane laws that govern a society that views humans as nothing more than their next meal. The worst part of his new job is that, if he loses, he could lose more than just a trial, he could lose his life.

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