The Last Apostle by Robert L. Bryan

The Last Apostle by Robert L. Bryan
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 266 KB

Is an unholy alliance of terror reigning death and destruction on New York City?
Newly promoted NYPD Deputy Chief Ellen Tomlinson, Lieutenant Joey Galeno, and FBI Agent Jimmy Craig are back from their brush with annihilation in The Last Day to battle a new, and potentially more dangerous threat.

New York City is on edge again. Several ISIS claimed attacks have brought Joey Galeno, Jimmy Boy Craig and the Joint Terrorist Task Force into action to find those responsible for the bombings. The investigation takes an unexpected twist when the trail leads to INFA: The Irish National Freedom Army – a Queens, New York City based splinter group of the Irish Republican Army. Have ISIS and the IRA joined forces to bring New York City to its knees?
Matty Ryan is a 23-year old security guard floating through life with little ambition. A twist of fate places Matty in the ideal position to infiltrate INFA, and determine if they are working with ISIS. Joey is aware that the classic underachieving Matty is the worst possible choice for this role, but he is out of options. He must put the welfare of New York City in the hands of a kid who is emotionally and physically ill equipped for this dangerous assignment.

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