The Last Dwemhar by J.T. Williams

The Last Dwemhar by J.T. Williams
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 354 KB

One final duel remains.
Kealin and Tulasiro journey North with haste and the half-elf of Urlas knows he may not return. His challenger has haunted his mind and struck down his love ones; Vankou, the god of death, will not take another. Kealin will have vengeance for the fallen. Armed with the god-sword gifted to him by a fallen deity and the blood of the Dwemhar surging in his veins, Kealin prepares for the final battle.
But the seas he once sailed upon have changed much in the last few years. The world quakes as all the energies of magic swirl towards a great gathering in the heavens above the dark parts of the north. A great return is upon the living realm.
The time of Dwemhar has come. When at last the final threads of both the Stormborn of legend and Dwemhar of old converge, Kealin will discover the terrible truth and the identity of his true adversary… an entity that even the ancient races failed to destroy… an entity that threatens all of the ascended and living alike.

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