The Last Hercules by Ron Bender

The Last Hercules by Ron Bender (New White Sands City #3)
English | 2020 | Horror | eBook | 596 KB

A military cyborg, his kidnapped daughter, and a race for lost secrets.
As one of the last weaponized cyborgs developed for deployment in space, Major Baylen Lee is a link to the overthrown government and all of its stockpiled resources. But here on the edge of the Feral Lands, Baylen is just a lonely relic with a history, the last of his kind.

When a sabotaged LEO shuttle locks onto his encrypted beacon and crash lands near his position, Baylen is confronted by the reality that he isn’t the only survivor of the Hercules project. The knowledge comes at a price when his daughter is kidnapped by the mercenaries tracking the shuttle. Now he has a narrowing window of time to rescue his daughter from men willing to do anything for information.

AlphaTek can’t afford to let their enemies learn what he knows, but can Baylen trust the mega-corp and its shadowy agendas to help him get his daughter back? Does he have a choice?
For AlphaTek, the stakes are rising. If the mercenaries get their hands on the intel, PharmaComp and its remaining subsidiaries will be in a position to overthrow more than just the Corporate Council.
AlphaTek’s not willing to take any chances….
And with his daughter in harm’s way … neither is Baylen.

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