The Little Black Box by K.J. Gillenwater

The Little Black Box by K.J. Gillenwater
English | 2018 | Paranormal Thriller | ePUB | 296 KB

When thoughts can kill.
After the suspicious suicides of several student test subjects, Paula Crenshaw, research assistant in Paranormal Sciences at small town Blackridge University and budding telekinetic, suspects they may be connected to a little black box designed to read auras. Professor Jonas Pritchard, the head of the department and renowned paranormal expert, doesn’t believe his precious experiment could be causing students to drop like flies.

Haunted by memories of a childhood accident, which she believes she caused with her untamed psychic abilities, Paula finds herself lured to the black box and its mysteries. But when her best friend, Lark, comes close to death after her encounter with the black box, Paula realizes her investigation might endanger the people she loves most. As the suicides stack up, she convinces her fellow researcher, Will Littlejohn, to help her solve the conspiracy. The closer they get to the dark truth behind who might be financially backing the project and why, the more dangerous—and deadly—it becomes.

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