The Little Book of Stupidity by Sia Mohajer (ePUB)

The Little Book of Stupidity: How We Lie to Ourselves and Don’t Believe Others by Sia Mohajer
English | Non-Fiction, eLearning | EPUB | 1 Mb

As Human Beings we are great story tellers. We tell stories about who we are, what we’re doing and why we are doing it. The problem is sometimes those stories are fictions; created by our own blindness to reality. We are such good story tellers that we often don’t know we are deceiving ourselves. The brain has evolved to make information processing simplified and with this has created a need to simplify the world. The problem is sometimes rational thinking becomes sacrificed for this simplicity
In The Little Book of Stupidity, Sia Mohajer draws on extensive research and makes surprising connections among ten of life’s most pervasive cognitive biases. It is a story about how stupid we can all be and also how we can become more compassionate as a result.

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