The Mac by P.J. Gilbers

The Mac by P.J. Gilbers
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 452 KB

The Mac isn’t just about monster ten feet tall birds that Mac’s father is chasing, but it is about love and loyalty and sacrifice. It is about cherishing what is important, such as slippers and wonderful weirdness.

But, technically it is really about three things:
Mac’s father, Dylan, is half way around the world trying to take pictures of a flesh-eating bird that is supposedly extinct. But it isn’t. It’s just hungry.
Mac’s mother has suddenly died and he has to live with his Aunt Holly and twirling cousin Misha.
Sir William doesn’t know from what or how or why he has been assigned to protect Mac. an Earth kid. He is simply certain that the Circle of Eight has told him to, and you don’t ever say no to the Circle. The truth is that Mac is needed to help stop a vicious alien nation from destroying Fidea and its colonies, that would include Earth.
William is a weird, irreverent alien whose hero is The Dude, loves sauerkraut and donuts for breakfast, who speaks in riddles and has mastered the art of annoying. It is an absolute truth that life with him will never be boring.

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