The Mammoth Book of Kaiju by Sean Wallace (ePUB, MOBI)

The Mammoth Book of Kaiju by Sean Wallace (Editor)
English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 1.5 MB

For the first time, a definitive anthology that gathers a wide range of larger-than-life short fiction with creatures that run a gargantuan gamut: the stealthy gabbleduck of Neal Asher’s Polity universe; Gary McMahon’s huge sea-born terror; An Owomoyela’s incredibly tall alien invaders; Frank Wu’s city-razing, eighty-foot-high, fire-breathing lizard; Lavie Tidhar’s titanic ship-devouring monstrosity; a really big Midwest US smackdown related by Jeremiah Tolbert . . . and many more mega-monster stories to feed your need for killer kaiju!

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“Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck” by Neal Asher
“Occupied” by Natania Barron
“Now I Am Nothing” by Simon Bestwick
“The Black Orophant” by Daniel Braum
“Attack of the 50-Foot Cosmonaut” by Michael Canfield
“Postcards from Monster Island” by Emily Devenport
“Seven Dates That Were Ruined by Giant Monsters” by Adam Ford
“The Lighthouse Keeper of Kurohaka Island” by Kane Gilmour
“Kungmin Horangi: The People’s Tiger” by Cody Goodfellow
“The Island of Dr. Otaku” by Cody Goodfellow
“With Bright Shining Faces” by Gini Koch
“One Night on Tidal Rig #13” by Tessa Kum
“Running” by Martin Livings
“The Unlawful Priest of Todesfall” by Penelope Love
“Breaking the Ice” by Maxine McArthur
“The Eyes of Erebus” by Chris McMahon
“Kaiju” by Gary McMahon
“Whatever Became of Randy?” by James A. Moore
“Kadimakara and Curlew” by Jason Nahrung
“Frozen Voice” by An Owomoyela
“Mamu, or Reptillion vs Echidonah” by Nick Stathopoulos
“Cephalogon” by Alys Sterling
“Show Night” by Steve Tem
“Titanic!” by Lavie Tidhar
“The Kansas Jayhawk vs. The Midwest Monster Squad” by Jeremiah Tolbert
“The Behemoth” by Jonathan Wood
“Love and Death in the Time of Monsters” by Frank Wu

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